What is equity sharing?

Equity sharing is a proven and effective way of owning property with less risk and with minimal cash. This approach has been used for decades on commercial and industrial real estate, and now it is available to homebuyers via the Buyers Equity Fund.

Is the Fund′s investment a loan?

No, the money is yours to use however you wish. The cash you receive from the Fund comes interest-free and with no monthly payments ever.

How can I use the money?

As a homeowner, you can use the money to save cash for emergencies, pay off your credit cards or student loans, furnish your home or for anything else you might need. The choices are yours, and the possibilities are endless.

When do I get my money from the Fund?

You receive money from the Fund 10-15 days after entering into the Agreement with the Fund.

What happens to my share of the future equity in a life-changing event, such as death or divorce?

The Fund Agreement has provisions for a wide variety of life changing events. Please contact a Fund representative for more information.

What is the maximum term of the Fund Agreement?

The Agreement is typically for a minimum of five years and a maximum of 40 years.

How is the future value of my home or investment property determined?

Your home or investment′s fair market value is determined through a third party appraisal.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out a quick form to get started with the Buyers Equity Fund.

What are my responsibilities to the Fund as a homeowner?

The Fund expects you to:

  1. Stay current on your mortgage payments

  2. Perform regular maintenance

  3. Pay your property tax obligations and maintain adequate insurance


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